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Chris and I had other projects we worked on before we joined forces for this one. Follow the links below to check them out!


For those interested, here are the webcomics we read!

Comics Dave Reads

comics both read

Comics chris reads

Andiewear by John Troutman
As If! by Amy Hebberson
Bob the Angry Flower by Stephen Notley
Count Your Sheep by Adrian Ramos
Felicity by John Troutman
Fight, Cast or Evade by Matt Trepal
Funny Farm by R. Smith
Mad About U by Teague Tysseling
Labgoats Inc. by Petie Shumate
Crazy Kimchi by H.S. Kim
Punks and Nerds by Josh Mirman
Questionable Content by J. Jaques
by David Willis
Sore Thumbs by Owen Gieni and Chris Crosby
Superosity by Chris Crosby
The Adventures of Sporkman by John Troutman
The Dementia of Magic by Nicholas Killewald
VG Cats by Scott Ramsoomair

Filthy Lies by Enigma
Framed!!! by Damonk
Penny Arcade by Krahulik and Holkins
PVP by Scott Kurtz
Queen of Wands by Aerie
Skirting Danger by Meredith Gran
Something Positive by R.K. Milholland

1/0 by Tailsteak
Del Mar 8 by Eleanore Studer
Brainwrap Comics by Kyle T.
Fragile Gravity by Chris Impink and Barb Fischer
Tailsteak by Tailsteak
Boxjam's Doodle by Boxjam
Men in Hats by Aaron Farber
Two Lumps by J. Grant and Mel Hynes
Priate Cove by Joe D'angelo
Crap I Drew on my Lunch Break by Jin Wicked
Goats by Jonathan Rosenberg
Checkerboard Nightmare by Kristofer Straub
Wapsi Square by Paul Taylor
Theater Hopper by Tom Brazelton
Mac Hall by Matt Boyd and Ian McConville
RPG World by Ian J.
Red Meat by Max Cannon
Nothing but Friends by Sam Walker and Nikki Jonas

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